• 3/2/2023 - System Updates - Dear user, effective April 1, 2023 the location of the JTEKT North America Corporation supplier portal will move from to There will be a transition time of up to one year after which the old addres will not function.

  • JTEKT requires suppliers to submit an update regarding your transition plans to IATF16949. If you have already achieved IATF16949 certification, please send a copy of your certification to your SA engineer contact. If we do not receive any reply from you, this could adversely affect the business relationship that you (supplier) has with JTEKT North America. Thank you for your prompt attention to this very important issue. Posted by JTEKT North America Purchasing, Manager, Supplier Advancement

  • Supplier Guidelines Updated

  • 2016 JTEKT Supplier Conference Presentation Web Portal: Preferred Performance

  • 2014 SUPPLIER CONFERENCE: JTEKT North America On the Path to Excellence

  • PURCHASING POLICY NOTIFICATION: Product quality remains a top priority for JTEKT and all of our suppliers. Poor quality causes inefficiencies and disruptions not only for JTEKT manufacturing lines but those of our customers. This is a costly expense for everyone.

    In order to put more emphasis on prevention and importance of dealing with discrepant material, effective immediately, we will apply a $250 or €200 charge for all justified complaint-type DMR’s (Discrepant Material Reports) that result in chargebacks to the supplier. This is to cover the administrative tasks for the handling and follow up of these complaints. There is a delay of 60 days before this charge will be applied to the supplier’s account. This will allow for any detailed discussions between the supplier and JTEKT. This policy will be consistent for all divisions of JTEKT North American manufacturing plants as well as Koyo Europe and Koyo Asia.

  • 1/1/2012 - Dear Valued User, JTEKT NORTH AMERICA is pleased to announce the consolidation of its New SQAM, (Supplier Quality Assurance Manual). This manual embodies the spirit of conducting business with JTEKT. All previous SQAM, (Supplier Quality Assurance Manual) or Supplier Quality Manuals are obsolete and should be discarded.

    Please contact your Corporate Supplier Advancement Engineer or Corporate Buyer if you have any questions.

  • 11/1/2011 - Click here to view the 2011 JTEKT North America Group Supplier Conference Presentation.

  • 10/3/2011 - System Updates - Dear user, effective Oct 3rd 2011, our site name has changed. Our new site, JTEKT Supplier Network, (JSN) replaces the site formally known as Koyo Supplier Network, (KSN).

    All functionality will remain the same, please continue to log into this site when retrieving quality information specific to your company.

  • 3/4/2011 - System Updates - Dear Supplier we are pleased to inform you about some new enhancements regarding the Koyo Bearings Discrepant Material Reporting system, (DMR).

    When responding to a DMR suppliers will have the following "edit" functionality.
    1. A SAVE feature has been added. Suppliers can save data at any time during the process. Once data is saved, Koyo will receive notice. This feature is important during the containment phase of the 8D or 3D. This is especially helpful in situations where material cannot be sorted in one day. Suppliers can now update the D3 section with containment data.
    2. Loss of Data: Previously supplier data would be lost if a Koyo plant returned the 8D or 3D response. The system has been enhanced to retain supplier edits.
    3. Editing the 8D or 3DSuppliers would lose the ability to edit an 8D or 3D when a DRM was returned by Koyo. Suppliers now have capability to edit data, except for previously approved 8D or 3D phases.

    For additional instruction or materials related to these topics please visit the help section above.

    JTEKT North America Purchasing

  • 8/11/2010 - Welcome to the JTEKT North America Corporation Supplier Portal - We are pleased to announce that the System is up and running. Over the past 7 months, the means to respond to these events was through the use of email. This process has been fully automated! Suppliers will no longer be required to complete and return the external 8D or 3D form. Instead you only need to login and record your 8D or 3D response on line.